Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ms Relentless and Ms Persistence Have Lunch

I have been chomping at the bit to meet and commiserate with Debbykay Peterson from the Minnesota Department of Education.  Debbykay heads up ECFE and School Readiness programming at the department.  I am sure the other diners must have thought we looked like hummingbirds at, talk, talk,, talk, talk,, talk, get the picture! I was so happy to walk away feeling connected to someone who feels as passionately about parent education as I do. I have often said that the most important key to closing the achievement gap is parent education. Minnesota is the only state in the nation with parent education embedded in it's public schools. It is very exciting for me to think about the possibility of expanding parent education into the elementary schools.  One of my favorite magnets on my fridge reads "Given a cape and a tiara, I might just rule the world".  Debbykay might be that cape!  I am looking forward to working with her on a few of the ideas we bubbled up over lunch to meet the changing needs of parents.  Thanks Debbykay (Ms. Relentless).

Drum roll 6:00 pm on my drive down the river to Winona.....this.....

It is still LIGHT OUTSIDE!!  I cranked up the 70's music and sang all the way home!  It was a pretty great day after all.....


  1. mom! taking pictures while driving is NOT okay

  2. Seriously, I agree with your daughter. What the heck is wrong with you?????? Everyone knows using cell phones while driving is a bad choice. What would Oprah say?