Friday, January 27, 2012

This is NOT the Super 8

Here is my view each morning when I open the shades.  It is a beautiful day today here in Dallas.  We finished our day at 3 and got busy planning our first unsupervised field trip away from the hotel....Whoo Hoo! Most of our homeroom is headed out for steaks and a little line dancing.  It should be fun after a long busy day full of information on the "Common Core".  I just took a mini field trip with my friend, Charity.  We took in the sunshine and blooming flowers and the long grasses.....unappreciated by some, but those of us from the Midwest are soaking it up!

Today in homeroom, Mary Beth Blegen facilitated a session on story telling.  We told a story in pairs.  When Mary Beth asked for volunteers to share a story with the whole group, I popped up and told one of my favorites about my dad and acorns. When Charity and I crossed the street this afternoon, not more than a half hour afterwards we noticed thousands of acorns in the boulevard. I know it is not uncommon to see acorns in January in Dallas but I saw them as a big hello from my Dad.  It has been another remarkable day.  My homeroom, full of great storytellers, is pictured above.  I am off now to see if they can DANCE!!

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