Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Monte Way!

I loved my time in Montevideo! Meet Allison, the instigator, who asked me to come to Monte last fall at the Political Conference.  Allison is a childhood friend of my friend Karen (more on her later) and the link inspired me to take the road trip.  Next to me is Amy, the ECFE Coordinator and Kris, the parent facilitator and PTSA President.  Thanks to all of them, I was able to speak to the teaching staff, take a tour of the Early Childhood facilities and present to the community. If a great teaching staff is an indicator of a healthy community, Montevideo must be a great place to raise kids. Too bad it is so far away which brings me to my Monte Entourage.....

It just made sense to  invite my friend Karen to visit her home town and when you invite Karen, you invite an adventure! Meet a few of my gal pals who joined me on the road trip.  We loaded up the Malibu and headed west to see for ourselves this town we have heard so much about. I closely follow the girl gang code of "what happens in......stays in.....".  I will just tell you this, the Monte Way is about laughter, connecting and creating new memories.  Thank you Kathy, Karen and Nancy for taking the trip with me.

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